Selex ES GmbH

Weather Radar

Selex ES – Gematronik provides highly accurate weather radars with field-proven reliability. Our METEOR range of C-Band, S-Band and X-Band radars implement breakthrough technologies from meteorology, signal processing and engineering as well as the semi-conductor and IT industries to deliver the best possible quantitative data. METEOR weather radars are available with magnetron or klystron transmitters and dual polarization.

Our low maintenance weather radar systems have been designed to suit the needs of operational radar users. Featuring narrow pencil beam antennas, unsurpassed step-response times in elevation and realtime digital signal processing means METEOR systems acquire highly accurate atmospheric data at top-speed. Together with Rainbow, our best-in-class meteorological software, METEOR systems are used in operational radar meteorology, hydrology, aviation and research for the precise detection and tracking of thunderstorms, wind shear and other severe weather phenomena. Equipping METEOR weather radars with dual polarization further enhances the measurement of precipitation intensity and makes way for the categorization of different types of hydrometeor like drizzle, rain, hail and snow.

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